The Anatomy of Enhanced Due Diligence


In the context of the ongoing Ukraine crisis and the tightening of sanctions against Russian and Ukrainian entities, an intelligence layer detecting various, surprisingly timely shifts in the shareholding structure of such entities in a bid to escape sanctions can represent invaluable information. Furthermore, the complex news landscape around the bribery scandal involving one of the largest pharmaceutical companies now features the case of a business risk advisory firm with alleged knowledge of China, whose CEO is now standing trial due to the use of unethical investigation methods.

Background checks are vital to understand the spectrum of potential threats. However, gathering the extensive range of information needed for effective due diligence is an arduous, time consuming task, especially where the business relationship involves other countries or where relevant information is in a language not easily understood by the researcher.

Examples of when to conduct enhanced due diligence:

  • Before a merger, acquisition or joint venture
  • When on-boarding high net worth or high profile clients
  • When automated risk screening reveals risk
  • Where geopolitical risk analysis flags a transaction or individual as linked to a high risk country
  • As a key component of a comprehensive compliance program
  • To enhance an existing compliance process, where resources are stretched

It is vital to enlist a due diligence provider who not only employs a robust and thorough methodology but also one that is ethical.

How can Thomson Reuters Accelus help?

IntegraScreen Enhanced Due Diligence Reports provide structured, comprehensive background checks on an organization, its owners and its operating and litigation history, as well as key management, decision makers and beneficial owners, providing insight on their background, track records, competencies, potential conflicts of interest and political and criminal links.


Anatomy of Enhanced Due DiligenceInfographic: Lifecycle of an IntegraScreen Report

Our complex due diligence report building process places particular emphasis on sourcing the right information directly and in an ethical manner – language and accessibility being no object under this condition – maintaining a consistency of methodology and quality, as well as absolute confidentiality.

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Whitepaper: Enterprise Risk Management Best Practices for Energy Firms

Driving ERM Best Practices for Energy Firms

{51d3176a-2cf6-41d6-a425-730c99ef8067}_Landing_Header_-_Generic_-_Sunset_PylonsEnergy organizations face a wide range of risks in the course of their day-to-day business, including project, operational, market, regulatory, environmental, socio-political and reputational risks. Often, risks have been addressed in isolation or in silos, and with varying degrees of rigor. This has lead to underestimated or unexpected losses and risk events that impact profitability, or even threaten the business.

As a result, many energy organizations today are embracing an enterprise risk management (ERM) approach to understanding their internal and external environments. They are incorporating ERM directly into their strategy.

This whitepaper explores how to proactively bring all energy risk exposures into a comprehensive framework through enterprise risk management (ERM) and how this can lead to more informed decision making, and protect short- and long-term profitability, while providing risk-adjusted assessment of emerging opportunities.


Special Report: Enterprise GRC Solutions 2014 by Chartis Research

ChartisIndependent analysis conducted by Chartis Research has named Thomson Reuters Accelus as one of the leading vendors for enterprise-wide governance, risk and compliance GRC solutions. Thomson Reuters Accelus combines decades of experience to enable organizations to simplify their approach to GRC to drive enhanced business performance.

Download the “Enterprise GRC Solutions 2014: Time for GFRC? – Thomson Reuters Vendor Highlights” report to understand what Chartis considers to be leading practice for GRC frameworks, and why the Thomson Reuters Accelus solutions can help drive an approach that delivers real value to your organization.

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Change is a constant for organizations today, and articulating change can be challenging. Thomson Reuters Accelus has developed the following infographics to help conceptualize critical issues around risk management, compliance, and audit. Follow the links below to access them: