WHITEPAPER: Elements of a Modern Compliance Training

The Three T’s for Training

State of Compliance TrainingIn recent years, companies – especially large multinationals – have started to take a more sophisticated and self-critical view of how they manage compliance training. Organizations large and small are creating or bolstering standalone compliance functions to guide, monitor, and measure adherence to ethics, compliance policies, and local and international regulation.

Historically companies have put most of their focus into creating robust policies and procedures and have skimped on training. Dozens of recent – and spectacularly expensive – compliance failures illustrate that policies alone do not make an effective compliance culture.

Read the latest whitepaper from Thomson Reuters Accelus that examines how organizations are moving past policies and procedures and striving to fully engage employees in training.


How do you keep up with the increasing international action against corruption?

Manage your company’s reputational risk


Corruption has been a global phenomenon which affects businesses, both in private and public sectors. As companies expand globally, they are facing corruption exposures in various forms which in some cases lead to heavy fines.

Organisations are constantly challenged by changing legislative demands. Authorities everywhere are stepping up their enforcement activities, new legislation with a stronger global reach has been implemented, and there are continual updates to existing anti-corruption legislation.

Some organisations may be more at risk than others because they operate in unfamiliar locations and territories where local practices can cause the organisation to unwittingly transgress international legislation. To keep up, organisations need to regularly revise their compliance programs, and this requires dedicated, and costly, resources.

How can Thomson Reuters Accelus help you?

Accelus for Anti-Corruption is chosen by organisations around the world to substantiate their compliance program. Our solution supports the client’s risk-based approach by offering a consistent understanding of business associates through training, screening, geopolitical risk ranking, and due diligence reporting.

Why Accelus for Anti-Corruption?

  • Ethical, legal, and discreet
  • Cost-effective
  • Rapid turnaround times
  • Negative media coverage
  • In-house skills ensure high quality and protection of data
  • Global coverage, local knowledge