SPECIAL REPORT: CYBERCRIME – How can firms tackle this fast-emerging invisible menace?

Special Report: CybercrimeFinancial services firms need to be aware of the threat hackers and cybercriminals pose to their IT systems and the data and intellectual property stored on them. Cybercriminals are becoming increasing sophisticated and innovating at an alarming pace. Indeed, cybercrime has been identified as the number one fraud trend firms find most alarming.

This must-read report provides an in-depth overview of cybercrime. Its contents cover the following chapters: UK regulator targets cybercrime failings in special supervisory visit; Cybercrime threat demands coordinated risk management and security response; The rise of the sophisticated cybercriminal; Know your enemy: why financial institutions should perform Internet surveillance; HKEx cyber-attacks highlight growing security challenges; South Korea steps up I.T. security measures; Asian compliance staff and in-house counsel must be savvy to combat cybercrime; “Next 9/11″ may come via cyberspace; Financial institutions must invest in transaction technology; “Bitcoin” exchanges to offer cooperation against laundrymen.

Source: Thomson Reuters Accelus

Special Repost: Cybercrime - Download Now

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