Tainted Milk Products Raise Doubts on Quality Management

Winning Consumer Confidence through Enhanced Due Diligence


In the drive towards increased global market share, profit growth, and market dominance, supply chain management is an integral part of the strategic focus within the manufacturing and farming industries.

A New Zealand supplier has recently been implicated in a scare that a supply of their whey protein concentrate may contain the bacterium that causes botulism. The contaminated whey protein concentrate has been exported to China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Saudi Arabia and used in up to 1,000 tons of products including milk powder and sports drinks.

This multinational incident highlights the need for companies to conduct due diligence on their supply chain to prevent reputational and financial damage, in addition, it may impact the reputation of your country as an exporter.

Background checks are a crucial feature of today’s fast-paced, globalized business environment and, in many cases, required by law. Conducting thorough and sophisticated due diligence checks can often stand between your organization’s success and its reputational and financial ruin.

You may be confident of your tier-one suppliers but do you know who they are dealing with?

Thomson Reuters Accelus IntegraScreen Reports for Due Diligence provide a detailed background check on any entity or individual, no matter where they are located in the world.

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