2013 Board Governance Survey Result – Special Report


Continued reliance on manual processes, limited focus on security risks whilst volume of board information increases.

Board Governance SurveyThe focus on corporate governance by organizations across the world continues to grow as regulatory requirements and scrutiny puts it firmly on the board’s agenda. In these times of heightened risk and regular instances of data leaks being reported in the news, it is vital for organizations to protect themselves from hacking and reputational damage. Furthermore, safeguarding business information and enabling fast strategic decision-making is directly linked to overall business success.

In August 2013, corporate secretaries and general counsel were surveyed by Thomson Reuters Accelus globally to understand how boards are adapting to these challenges. With the increased focus on global governance, this report aims to provide an in-depth view of the current profile of the board, its operations and board communications.

The profile of today’s board presents a complex challenge. Most organizations have many board members serving on multiple boards across the world. Furthermore, the average size is increasing. With the majority meeting monthly or quarterly, this creates a huge volume of supporting board materials required.

Read the full report to find out more.

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