Why Country Risk Intelligence Is Critical To Your KYC Programme

To really know your customer, you need to know where they come from.

Adhering to the FATF definition of a risk based approach requires your organisation to define the risk it is exposed to by keeping track of the places it operates in, directly and through agents and partners, and understand the enhanced risks posed by its markets and spheres of operation.

Country risk intelligence also delivers a strong competitive edge in a globalised trade network, where sophisticated data on long-term political, financial and societal trends are critical to managing risk more effectively and unlocking superior economic performance – particularly in unstable or emerging economies.

Leverage Country-Check as part of the World-Check Online portal to:

  • Conduct your risk based approach more efficiently by performing KYC due diligence and location based risk checks in the same system.
  • Rank 240+ countries by criminal, economic and political risk factors based on 200+ independent sources from 50+ respected international organisations and think thanks including the EU, UN, OECD, CIA, FATF, the World Bank, the World Economic Forum and Transparency CPI.
  • Generate auditable proof of AML & Anti-Corruption due diligence for your regulator.

Find out how Accelus Country-Check can assist your organisation with objective decision making, supplier on-boarding, risk based PEP screening, transaction monitoring and many other tasks in the AML and anti-corruption domain.


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