Organizational Culture: Ten Tips For Internal Auditors

10 Tips for Internal Auditors

Auditing Culture

The role of internal audit has evolved, moving away from financial controls to becoming more encompassing of an organizations’ risk and controls.

One of the perceived causes of the financial crisis in 2008 was seen to be the inappropriate culture within companies in the financial services industry. For dyed in the wool auditors who like black and white, a process to check, a set of numbers to tally, a risk and a corresponding control, this area of auditing may seem a little off the beaten track.

What can internal auditors do to provide assurance that organizations are on the right cultural path, heading in the right direction and behaving appropriately? This special report is intended to provide ideas for analyzing the risks and controls that companies face when developing their approach to organizational culture.

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to learn more about the Ten Culture Commandments For Internal Auditors:

1.    Undertake Stock-Take
2.    Define And Develop An Organization Wide Culture Policy
3.    Do The Right Thing
4.    Let The Culture Policy Cascade Throughout The Organization
5.    Planning: Be Continuously Involved
6.    Define Key Risks And Indicators
7.    Develop A Customer “Strawman”
8.    Discuss With The Regulators
9.    Reconsider Training
10.  Learn From Others

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