How Secure Is Your Board’s Information Workflow?

Board Communication and Board Book Distribution

CaptureIn these times of heightened risk it’s prudent to regularly review your board’s communication and board book distribution processes to ensure you are protecting your firm’s most valuable information.

Have you moved to electronic board books or are you still printing and couriering board books to board members across the world? The average firm produces 16,010 pages of board materials each year according to the 2013 Thomson Reuters Board Governance Survey results. How are you managing the constantly increasing volume of board materials boards are requesting? How do you incorporate last minute changes if you rely on paper-based board books?

Does your organization rely on non-secure email for board communications? According to the survey results 4 out of 5 organizations do. Furthermore, is this information being encrypted? When you email board materials, are you confident that if board members are then printing materials they destroy them securely?

Understandably given the risks surrounding manual processes, half of firms now utilize a board portal to create and distribute board information, and this trend is rising. Are you able to restrict board members’ ability to print or email documents away from the portal? What is the authentication process to login to the portal? Can you grant specific access rights to information by individual user? With Accelus BoardLink you can.


Thomson Reuters Accelus BoardLink is a secure, web-based board portal, accessible online or via an iPad app 24/7. BoardLink enables corporate secretaries and board members to communicate and access critical business intelligence and board materials, empowering decision-making and good corporate governance.


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